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School Plan for Student Achievement

School Plan for Student Achievement 

Executive Summary


Woodcrest School

Principal: Rochelle Wolf

School Site Council Approval Date: November 16, 2021

State Program Funds:







Federal Program Funds:

Title I Economically



Estimated Funds:

$ 141, 628

$ 47,570

Estimated Funds:


School Mission/Vision

Woodcrest Vision: 

Empowering students through equity, inclusion, academics, and community responsibility, to rise up to meet their personal goals and passions.

At Woodcrest, we inspire, we empower, we rise UP! 

Our Mission is to: 

  • Meet the needs of our community of learners through rigorous instruction, purposeful technology integration, and our Response to Intervention Model.
  • Create a safe, equitable, inclusive learning environment, where all students' cultures and backgrounds are respected, through the use of Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports.
  • Provide students the tools to be responsible problem solvers and promote their social and emotional learning through the use of Restorative Practices
  • Provide students opportunities to explore their passions through relevant learning experiences and our After School Passion Academies.
  • Provide students with opportunities to explore ways to become advocates for equity and social justice and rise up and become change makers in our school and surrounding community.
  • Provide meaningful engagement opportunities for students, families, staff, and the community.

School Achievement Goals

Major Initiatives, Actions and Services to Improve Student Achievement

Goal 1: Student Achievement

  • By March 2022, the percent of students scoring in Level 1 or Level 2 on iReady Diagnostic #2 will decrease by at least 10% in grades 2 through 6.
  • By May 2022, the percent of students scoring in Level 1 or Level 2 on FSD Benchmark #3 will decrease by at least 10% in grades kindergarten and first.
  • The percentage of students in grades 3-6 scoring in levels 1 and 2 (“not meeting State Standards”) on the 2021-22 Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) CAASPP assessment will decrease by a minimum of 10% from the 2018-19 ELA and Mathematics results. 

  • Reader’s Workshop in all classrooms K-6
  • Writer’s Workshop in all classrooms K-6
  • iReady lessons in grades 2-6
  • Continued growth in school-wide professional learning communities to promote the 21st-centuryauthentic, timely assessment of student performance as a means to strengthen instruction and to identify students for additional interventions.
  • Instructional Aides in kinder are utilized to provide smaller group instruction and provide more quality individual time with students, especially English Language Learners and struggling students. This also allows for more differentiated instruction and detailed data collection.
  • Establish a structure and culture for continuous improvement by implementing best practices and providing professional development for teachers and staff. Additional hours for teacher planning to strengthen instruction.
  • Sub Time for Instructional Rounds to improve teacher practice.
  • Additional hours for both before and after school interventions/support for both ELA & Math Interventions.
  • Ensure student/ teacher access to instructional materials, including digital, that are aligned to CCSS.
  • Additional Professional Development to improve our instructional practices

Goal 2: Technology and Digital Literacy

  • All Woodcrest School students and staff will have access to and demonstrate mastery of 21st Century learning tools, resources, and skills in support of relevant and rigorous learning experiences, including participation in our WC PATHfinder program.

  • Promote the use of instructional technology as a means to deliver a rigorous and relevant curriculum aligned to the core content standards, taught through 21st century learning skills.
  • Additional hours to staff to provide professional development in technology to increase teacher capacity in this area and promote student engagement.
  • Provide professional development for integrating 21st-century skills, tools, and teaching strategies into classroom practice.
  • Opportunities for virtual professional development to foster growth in this area
  • WC PATHfinder Academies century authenticities to students to learn about topics such as robotics, STEM, photography, and animation, in the pursuit of their passions.
  • Various programs and applications to enhance student learning.

  Goal 3: Safe and Secure Environment

  • Woodcrest School will provide a welcoming, safe, and secure environment for all members of our community.

  • Identify and develop programs that support the emotional and physical well-being of all students and staff.
  • Coordinate learning support services for identified subgroups to support academic, behavior, attendance, and social/emotional needs.
  • Full-time fully licensed counselor to provide individual and small group counseling and behavior support.
  • Electronic system to provide positive reinforcements to students, incentives, experiences designed to improve school climate and safety
  • Safety Materials such as emergency equipment, batteries, containers, signs, cones, replacement of walkie-talkies, cost estimates for facilities repairs/improvement, etc. will be purchased. Office reconfiguration with a single point of entry. Replacement of Raptor System supplies for electronic badges.

Goal 4: Parent Engagement

  • Woodcrest School will support excellent communication among all members of our school community and within our district and city geographic area at large.

  • School Activities
  • Back to School Ice Cream Social, Back to School Night, Primary Winter Concert, Book Fairs, Reading on the Green, Open House, STAGE Performance, Trunk or Treat, Weekly Parent Literacy Time in grades K-1, assemblies, and award ceremonies.
  • Advisory and Advocacy Roles
  • School Site Council, ELAC, DELAC, and PTA Champions for Learning
  • OC GRIP Parent Greeters
  • Activities to Support Learning at Home
  • RTI Support Parent Website
  • iPad access for grades 3-6,
  • Full-time Social Service Assistant to serve as a liaison between the inter-community agencies, monitor students with attendance problems due to health issues, sustain our PBIS program, provide parents with information and resources for their child(ren).
  • OC GRIP Parent Supporting Parent Classes School Smarts Literacy Class
  • Technology Classes (embedded in parent meetings) SEL Information (embedded in parent meetings)
  • Training on Standardized Testing Preparation (CAASPP, ELPAC)
  • Establish procedures and fund effective home/school communication such as newsletter “The Monthly Wildcat”, parent letters, meetings, progress reports, translators during parent/teacher conferences, home/school communication folders, planners, etc.